Liveaboard in Sharm El Sheikh

Northern Red Sea

photo-016The crystal clear blue waters of the area cover some of the Red Sea’s greatest treasures with soft coral encrusted reefs peppered with colourful fish and historical shipwrecks shrouded in mystery and intrigue. From the Straits of Gubal; gateway to Suez, right up to the Island of Tiran; the reefs of this area are as rich in historical significance as they are in natural beauty.

Besides the famous wrecks and reefs the area boasts enormous schools of pelagic fish and chances of an encounter with some of the solitary larger fish. This area also offers one of the best opportunities of encountering and diving with dolphins in the wild.

With over one thousand different species of fish, hundreds of varieties of both hard and soft corals and the thousands of reef dwelling invertebrates, the Red Sea is one of the world’s most outstanding diving destinations.

The selected sites offer something too excite every diver; with sheer drop-offs, meadows of sea grass, towering pinnacles, coral encrusted wrecks, pelagic encounters and tiny critters, whatever your diving preference, the Red Sea delivers.