Liveaboard in Sharm El Sheikh

VIPOne Diving

The reefs and wrecks of the Northern Red Sea are spectacular, during your week upon VIP One we will help you to explore as much of it as possible.

Our highly accomplished onboard guides have the in-depth knowledge of the area only attained by years of experience and a genuine interest in the marine environment. Our guides are primarily there for your safety but they are also there to ensure that you receive a first class service and have an outstanding week’s diving. Take advantage of our full nitrox facilities and maximize your allowed bottom times on some of the worlds best wreck dives. If you have yet to gain your nitrox qualification then our PADI certified instructor will be more than happy to run the course whilst at sea.

Our excellent facilities extend to re-breather divers and we have the facility to fill tanks with 100% O2. Inspiration 3lt tanks are also available for hire and will help save valuable kilo’s off your limited baggage allowance.

Divers looking at extending their diving education can take a whole host of specialty courses whilst enjoying the luxury surroundings of VIP One.